Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are a reality many people face in their lifetime. Connecticut provides workers with insurance coverage when this happens, even if the injury was your fault. Navigating the workers’ compensation laws in Connecticut can be confusing and intimidating. The insurance companies take full advantage of this and try to deny or discourage you from filing a claim. If you do file a claim, these companies will make it their goal to minimize what they pay you, try to rush you back to work before you are ready, and will try to settle your claim for as little as possible.

That is why it is extremely important to have a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer on your side. Our goal is to help you get the medical care you need to recover and receive all the monetary benefits you deserve. We will not allow the insurance company to dictate your recovery or unjustly deny you benefits. We will take the stress of filing a workers’ compensation claim off of your shoulders while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Scott McCarthy has been successfully helping injured workers with their claims for over 30 years.

We help with these cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that you will never have to take money out of your own pocket to pay us. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation free consultation.

There are thousands of industries and career paths to choose from in today’s world, however, some of them are more dangerous or labor intensive than others. While incredibly important and rewarding, some jobs in construction, engineering, emergency services, and several other careers can subject those who chose the occupation to injury on the clock. When you are injured and unable to perform your job, our workers’ comp lawyer will be on your side to make sure you still receive the pay and benefits you deserve while recovering. Our team will take the unnecessary stress off your shoulders and allow you to focus solely on getting back on your feet. We currently have helped dozens of New Milford, CT workers achieve financial compensation with the help of our reliable and knowledgeable workers’ comp lawyer.

Unfortunately, there are often barriers to pursuing these claims and insurance companies are all too willing to take advantage of these issues to deny you compensation and/or medical treatment. Insurance companies will often deny that you were injured at work or that your injury was serious. These companies hire attorneys to handle these claims for them. This is why you need an experienced and dedicated workers’ comp lawyer on your side. The attorneys at McCarthy and Taylor, LLP have fought for the rights of injured workers in New Milford, CT and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. When you cannot work due to your injury, and your paycheck stops, we know you need quick results. Our trusted work injury lawyer is prepared to do what it takes to get your case accepted and benefits started as soon as possible.

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